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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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where the plan is drawing mixed at city hall where the plan is drawing mixed reviews. ,>> the plan is a work-in-progress. there will be a lot of community input before it's complete but certain elements are already creating controversy. still, what everyone seems to agree on is that this plan is a good first step toward addressing the safety concerns facing the city. >> this is the starting point, alright? we go from there and we'll massage it. >> it took a summer of hearings and debate to get to this starting a draft increased police staffing and expanded detention facilities. >> you can't just keep throwing money at law enforcement and think it's going to solve the issue. jobs, proper education. that's what going to solve the stuff. >> but the council president says the goal of the plan is to addresses all of the factors that impact public safety and to include community input. he says the recent violence in sherman park delayed the release. >> because of what happened, a
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this. >> but city leaders have seen it now, and it's raising another important question how to pay , for the proposals. >> many of them are good ideas. some of them are questionable ideas. but i think the biggest challenge is going to be the resource problem. >> among the funding proposals in the plan are an increase in city property taxes, a hike in state fees and statewide sales tax designated specifically for law enforcement. tough decisions, the aldermen say, in order to achieve tough solutions. >> it's all about spending priorities. >> council president ashanti hamilton commended alderman bob donovan and his public safety committee for putting this plan together. hamilton says it will only work if the city, state, county and all other community stake-holders work together. and he plans a couple of public hearings to get community input on the plan.
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wainscott wins 12 news. >> it's hard, and people be struggling. patrick: a welcomed sight for some sherman park residents. after a police shooting and violent protests, hope, in the form of a mobile food truck. feeding america is delivering groceries to those in need. toya: 12 news ben hutchison is live there. ben, you described the scene as inspiring. >> residents that live around here told me this is what sherman park is all about people , coming together. the line for groceries was actually wrapped around the boys and girls club. 11,000 pounds of food arrives to the mary ryan boys and girls club, residents waiting nearby. minutes later -- a simple conversation, a passing smile. it's an area where images of
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brenda miller works her way through the line. she has a family of 10 to take care of. she says being positive is contagious. >> for a minute it was really bad, but the community is working together. >> residents in the area with limited accessibility to fresh produce feeding america eastern wisconsin visits four times a year. >> they have enough food and access to healthy, nutritious food. >> as tyrone moore gathers his groceries he wants employers to , see the good in sherman park, hoping they'll invest in the community with jobs for the youth. >> you can keep them off the street. you can keep them from tearing up stuff. you give them the opportunity, eyeing guarantee you they will take it. patrick: many hoping it leads to more good things the goal was to
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on their face. in sherman park, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. toya: the violence in the sherman park neighborhood stemmed from the police shooting of sylville smith august 13. smith's funeral will be held friday at the christian faith fellowship church. wisn 12 news has learned the reverend jesse jackson will give the eulogy. smith was shot after police stopped what they called a suspicious vehicle. officers say 23-year-old smith got out and ran from police. police say body camera video shows smith holding a gun. an officer shot smith once in the chest and once in the arm. wisconsin's attorney general says body-cam video will not be re patrick: we are following breaking news right now in washington county. matt salemme is in news chopper 12 over a farm accident just outside of west bend in newburg. we are making calls for more information, but matt, what are you seeing down on the ground? >> investigators are in one of the cal barnes on the north side
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barns on the north side of the farm. it appears as though they were impounding that. other than that, very little details being released other than there has been a farm accident and they are continuing to investigate. toya: thank you. the man se police station is now charged. according to the criminal complaint, 65-year-old randall drescher went with a friend, a former mpd officer, to buy a gun outside district six near 27th and oklahoma thursday night. the sale which was legal was setup up outside the station for safety reasons. the complaint says, 42-year-old reed carlsen went up to the van and oklahoma thursday night. they were in and began to "act crazy."
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construction barrel at him. he feared for his safety and opened fire. drescher walked into the station and told an officer to call an ambulance. he was arrested. he is charged with first degree reckless homicide. a half a bottle of vodka and two beers. that's what a man told deputies he drank before getting behind the wheel with a five-year-old child in his car. the sheriff's office says a deputy pulled 33-year-old earl matthews over on i-43 near fond du lac around midnight. he registered a .25 on a breath test. deputies say the child was not s seat belt. the child's mother was allowed to pick the boy up. this is matthew's first offense. patrick: president obama visited the flood zone in louisiana today. he toured flood damage in baton rouge and met with several people rescued from their flooded homes. abc's marci gonzalez is there tonight. >> from the receding flood water to everything it destroyed president obama -- >> how are you all doing?
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the devastation in southern louisiana >>. . >> i hope they see so many people have lost everything. every piece of my furniture is on the curb. my walls are on the curb, everything. >> the president talking with owners of some of the 60,000 homes that were damaged more than a week ago in the worst natural disaster in this count since superstorm sandy. the fast-rising water blamed for 13 deaths, 30,000 rescues, with 2600 people still living in shelters. >> i want the people of louisiana to know is that you're not alone on this even after the , tv cameras leave. the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt.
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aid already coming in, a sharp contrast to fema's response to katrina, president obama also facing criticism. donald trump who visited baton rouge last week among those saying the president should have cut his vacation short to make this trip. though louisiana's governor disagreed saying an earlier , visit would have taken away resources from the recovery and cleanup efforts that are still clearly far from over. patrick: louisiana tonight. you can watch for their reports at 5:30, right after this newscast. right now, we want to send things over to toya in our class act phone bank. >> i have the honor of handing over a check for $1000. this money will go very far, correct? >> yes, $15 buys one backpack. you do the math and we will help a lot of kids with it.
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goal is 50,000 dollars. we have all night tonight until 7:00 to make a donation. they can make this money stretch because they can buy in bulk, they can make this dollar go really far. call in. the phone lines are open until 7:00 tonight. patrick: every dollar counts. another gorgeous summer night. lindsey, you are tracking a bit of rain right now. lindsey: storms are not fa here in weatherwatch 12. >> i had to tell them to say their goodbyes. patrick: defying the odds. a 16-year-old boy survives a brain-eating amoeba. how a team of doctors pulled off this medical miracle. then, an all-call for crossing guards before your kids head back to school. the shortage affecting districts across our area. and here's another live look at our class act phone bank. volunteers are ready to take your calls. wisn 12 and the salvation army have teamed up to raise money for school supplies for students
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the number to call is 4-1-4
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toya: your taking another live look at our class act phone bank. wisn 12 and the salvation army are raising money for school supplies for children in need. you can call 414-799-9476 to donate. our phone lines will be open until 7:00 tonight. i have made a challenge to the morning show as far as how much money can be raised. call in, please. patrick: a florida teenager survives a deadly brain-eating amoeba. 16-year-old sebastian deleon went to the hospital complaining of a headache and sensitivity to light. luckily, the medical staff was trained to check for the rare amoeba. to treat the infection, doctors say they lowered his body temperature, induced a coma, and gave him medication. deleon's mother is thankful her son is alive. >> he's a very energetic, adventurous, wonderful teen, and we are so thankful for the gift of life. >> we decided to take the
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hours, he spoke. sorry. patrick: a person can contract the brain-eating amoeba through their nose when swimming in freshwater. officials say deleon is only the fourth person in the last 50 years to survive the infection. we want to take a look at what's coming up new tonight at 6:00. joyce garbaciak is in the newsroom with a look ahead. joyce: new tonight on 12 news at 6:00, a story you'll see only on 12. paying to play pokemon go, you've seen the video of people flooding lake park to play the popular game, now who the county wants to cha and that's the sound of the new harley engine starting, the one thing that makes this year's model more special than all the others. that's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. patrick: thank you. an elementary school teacher in texas is getting a lot of attention on social media for her no homework policy. the second grade teacher sent this letter home to parents announcing the new rule. in it, she says research has been unable to prove that
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formally assigning any this year. instead, she suggested parents spend their evenings eating dinner as a family, reading together, playing outside and getting their child to bed early. toya: crossing guards wanted. some area districts are hoping to fill several positions before the new school year. wisn 12 news tim elliott shows us what you need to get the job. >> driving around the suburbs of milwaukee you may have noticed , these signs posted in yards near some schools. that's because they need plenty >> well, there is always a need. >> jerry mojeck is the vice president at twin city security in west allis. his company mainly works in the private security business, but they also contract with eight milwaukee suburbs to keep crossing guards on the streets. >> we got in to the crossing guard business because we wanted to. to me it's very important and that's why we do it.
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this one at harwood and milwaukee in wauwatosa. right now, he has roughly a dozen posts that need a guard. >> but in the same respect we want to talk to 100 if we can because we want to build up a back up force. mojeck says qualified applicants need to have a clear criminal background and be able to come work, rain, shine, or snow. >> they have to enjoy working with kids and be tolerant to be working with people in traffic it can be hectic sometimes. >> here at this intersection in wauwatosa the crosswalk is clearly marked, and there are stop signs all round but school officials want a crossing guard here to add that extra layer of security. in wauwatosa, tim elliott, wisn 12 news. toya: if you're interested in becoming a part-time crossing guard, we have information posted on our website, just visit and click on the story.
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showers and thunderstorms increasing. thursday is a tossup. by friday, the storms are not far away. storms will start overnight tonight. where are the storms now? this is a taste of things to come. these were go up and over us. what i'm more concerned with is the area of low pressure, an upper low with a cold front attached to it. this cold front is moving in our direction. it will be right on top of us
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tonight. here is 2:30 a.m., and you can see the storms in areas off to the west. this shows me that that could be the potential for damaging wind. downpours cannot be ruled out, and lightning. 4:00 a.m., johnson dam, fond du lac, then knocking on our door by 6:00 a.m.. this is the cold front getting to areas in southeastern wisconsin. this batch rolls through, then we continue to see clusters throughout the morning. we will remain cloudy, keeping the energy low, and we could see an uptick in energy later, so
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will see storms rolled through into early thursday. after that, we are good to go. the severe threat this evening will be to the west. for tomorrow, a lower threat, but does include all of us. for now, it looks clear, beautiful outside. overnight tonight, little thunderstorms start to pop up with it. it will not be a cool night. as you are getting ready for tomorrow morning, have the raingear and umbrellas handy. here is your week ahead, those storms will continue on and off through thursday, and the humidity starts to drop. i think it will roll out by sunday. toya: get out there and mow your
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husband. we will send things over to patrick at our class act phone bank. patrick: phones are ringing now. volunteers want to answer your call. make a call, make a difference. wisn 12 and the salvation army are teaming up to raise money for school supplies for children in need in milwaukee. walked through the door. >> i love what wisn-tv and the salvation army are doing. last year we served 3300 kids last year. this year we want to get 4000. patrick: it's so important to start the school year on the right foot.
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have everything they need. it is a small amount of money that will go a long way. last year, we were able to raise $4400. let's get to that number. -- $44,000. patrick: were talking about pencils, rulers, items like that. ringing right now. you can also text classact to 4144. looking at the donation sheets, $100 from wauwatosa. new berlin, $50. every dollar counts. thank you for making those donations. back to you.
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a new reality tv show film
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toya: here is another look
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our class act phone bank, raising money to buy school supplies for students in need. if you want to donate, call 411-799-9476. our class act phone bank will be open until 7:00 tonight. a reality t.v. show about a milwaukee business debuts tonight. patrick: "milwaukee blacksmith" features a family-owned company that goes by the same name. it's been in business for more than a decade on erie street in the third ward. workers tell wisn 12 news they're carrying on a craft dating back thousands of years. >> it is primal. it is power. but what comes out of it are beautiful graceful things. so i think that's what gets people really interested in blacksmithing. tie that in with the fact that this is a family business and my employees are my children, it makes for good entertainment. patrick: t.v. crews filmed at the business 60-hours a week for four months. "milwaukee blacksmith" premieres tonight at 9:00. the history channel is owned by a&e networks, a joint venture between disney and the hearst corporation, which is wisn 12's
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tonight at 9:00, celebrate 20 years of "the view." a look back at the first two decades of the abc talk show as it prepares to begin its 20th season. that's tonight at 9:00, right before 12 news at 10:00. toya: our twitter accounts are on fire because ben wagner from the morning show has called us
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patrick: will come to the class act phone bank. thank you, a $15 $100 donation. $23,342 so far. toya: you can text classact to make your donation. you will get free hugs from us. >> virtual hugs. patrick: the money will be
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milwaukee. we want to get them off on the right foot and get them the tonight, donald trump taking aim. new and scathing attacks on hillary clinton. amid new reports about who got to meet with clinton while she was secretary of state. and tonight, clinton herself responding to trump's claims about her health. also tonight what we've now learned about the deay the young father, who was deaf, shot and killed. pouring through police videos. was he trying to use sign language when he was shot? the state of emergency. the wildfires tonight. also, the severe storms hitting the middle of the country this evening, as president obama visits the flood-ravaged south. the uproar tonight. the student athlete who walks free, accused of sexually assaulting two of his classmates. the judge tonight under fire.


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